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Out of the box!

I have a great desire to see moulds broken and boundaries pushed. Not for the purpose of rebellion, but for the purpose of creativity. New things only ever start with breaking out of the bounds of the old thing, and I am very interested in this.

I have a constant stream of wild ideas that businesses or brands could use to promote themselves. My questions are always, how do I connect myself with them, and how do I convince them to jump right out of the box? I’m starting by putting it here.

Take this idea for example. Its for Cocoa Pops, and its totally outside the (cereal) box.

Cocoa Pops are a treat in most families, so when you do get to have them, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks, “Man, I could just dive right into this delicious bowl of crunchy chocolate milkshake!” It got me thinking how I want to make that a reality for the loyal consumers of the Cocoa Pops Brand. I want to make a gigantic bowl, fill it with Cocoa Pops, hundreds of litres of milk from a carefully selected brand, and run a promotion to win tickets to dive in! How awesome would it be? Its the perfect opportunity to use social media as the main platform, we’d get heaps of free publicity, an amazing experiential event, increased awareness of the brand, and maybe even break a world record on the way. If anyone knows anyone who works for Kelloggs, please introduce us. I could be of great value to them. Now, on the other hand,  if anyone steals this idea in any capacity, and does not involve me in the reality of it, I will be very upset.

But, thats the kind of stuff I want to do.  Most of these ideas I have involve food, or something experiential, and you’ll be relieved to know they aren’t all as outlandish as a giant bowl of cereal. If you want to see what ideas I could have for your business or brand, don’t hesitate to contact me!



I have been pondering the way that I do ‘marketing’. And how a consultant should operate. It feels like in this industry you really need to prove yourself, and to a certain extent this is true, but I have been wondering if things could be done differently. Am I any less professional if I don’t follow the rules? I think being professional is about maintaining who you are, being adaptable to certain situations, and setting a standard for your work, no matter what way you do it.

So I have decided, these are my professional values…

1. AUTHENTICITY. I am not a fan of buzz words, marketing speak, over complex strategies, or filling pages with words just to prove that I know what I’m talking about. I like to communicate clearly and simply to my clients, and from my clients to their customers. I actually genuinely want to help and make a difference to your business, honestly.

2. ADAPTABILITY. There is a formula to the way I’ve learnt to do things. But in real life, sometimes there isn’t budget or time for this formula. So I have to adapt. I have come to learn that most businesses don’t particularly care for a hundred hours of strategising, followed by a hundred hours of planning and then finally some implementation. This can be minimised by having someone on board who thinks strategically. A creative, strategic thinker can have the big picture in mind while implementing the tactics, and rearrange things to suit changing business situations.

3. AGELESS. I have a leaning toward the classic, tried and true, and timeless. I believe there are principles and characteristics in things that will give away whether it is fleeting fashion, or timeless and sturdy. I aim to create long term benefits for your business, not short and fleeting moments of hype. My foundational principle for marketing is about relationship building for longevity of customer loyalty.

Welcome to Jade Goulding Marketing & Communications

This is my website and blog! If you need help with promoting your business to people, you’ve landed in the right place.

I have just managed to set myself up with some effective promotion tools for less than $200. My selling point is not to market businesses the cheapest way possible, but for me, this was what I needed. A simple, low cost way to promote my services as a contract marketing and communication professional.

What does your business need?